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Dr Chris Georgiou

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Dr Chris Georgiou has always been drawn to health & people, his introduction to the chiropractic profession began as a patient with a low back pain episode after a school activity in the back yard left him injured with the inability to walk. The local doctor at the time prescribed rest and pain medication. It was well into his 10th year of high school that work experienced with a medical doctor gained him insight into the health care industry, what Chris learnt was it was more a sickness care industry.

A family friend introduced him to a local chiropractor and after a thorough investigation the chiropractor asked him about a fall he had had, he had completley forgotten about his backyard incident however on the xray there was evidence of trauma to the lower vertebrae of the spine.

Chris continued with treatment, and still gets treated till this day for maintenace of a healthy and able spine he knew it was his calling to move into this profound health industry where miracles happen everyday.


Here at the Back and Posture Clinic we predominantly use 4 types of techniques:

1. Gonstead Chiropractic Technique

A specific spinal analysis and correction system that

2. Thompson Terminal Point Chiropractic Technique

A specialized form of treatment that requires a drop table to correct and assess your spine.

3. Dry Needling

Used in conjunction with the above to address deeper layers and structures betwwen bones and joint relationships.

4. Corrective Spinal & Postural exercise

Used specifically for your alignment, a prescription of specific spinal corrective exercises to help dial in and maintain joint relationships. This build the foundation for additional core & stability work.

5. Nutritional Supplementation

This is used in conjunction with the other techniques to facilitate the direction of healing and better
integrate the body’s resources of the soft tissues and joint related structures

6. Orthopaedic Pillows

We fit our patients with orthopaedic pillows or devices as part of our service to make sure you have continued long term support even when we’re not there.


Back & Posture Clinic was formerly known prior as the Lipman Clinic of Dr Ewan Lipman (Chiropractor)

A long established professional Chiropractic practice of 35+ years specialising in the correction, rehabilitation & prevention of spinal mechanical dysfunction within the human frame.

Every spine & is unique and that’s why:

  1. We Listen, a thorough history & examination asking the relevant questions that lead to your results.
  2. We Cater specialised treatment programs for your individualised needs.
  3. Manage & identify secondary hip, knee & foot problems.
  4. Save Time, we take specialised spinal xrays & analyse them with you in real time to address the specific nature of your complaint.
  5. Personal Touch, we carefully assess & treat as if we were treating our own family member.
  6. Results Matter, we care about your health outcomes in the short, medium & long term.
  7. No Upfront Payments or Contracts.
  8. Experience Matters, we do this all day every day, established for over 35+ years.
  9. On the spot health care claims (Medicare & Private Health Insurance).
  10. Specialised student & geriatric care rates.
  11. Emergency 24 hour care (after hours fee applicable).
  12. Disabled parking right out front.



Back & Posture Clinic | Waverley & Sunshine

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TUE: 8am – 12pm
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