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Here at the Back and Posture Clinic we predominantly use 4 types of techniques:

1. Gonstead Chiropractic Technique

A specific spinal analysis and correction system that

2. Thompson Terminal Point Technique

A specialized form of treatment that requires a drop table to correct and assess your spine.

3. Nutritional Supplementaiton

At different phases of care the body requires specifc resources to maximize its healing potential, we use the aid of specialized prescribed supplemets to help reach your outcomes quicker.

4. Orthopaedic Pillows

We spend on average 33% of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to support these structures with optimal alignment.

We fit our patients with orthopaedic pillows or devices as part of our service to make sure you have continued long term support even when we’re not there.

Back & Posture Clinic | Waverley & Sunshine

Sunshine Clinic Map:

Clinic Hours:

TUE: 8am – 12pm
THURS: 3pm – 7pm
SAT: 8am – 12pm

Mount Waverley Map:

Clinic Hours:

MON: 8am – 7pm
WED: 8am – 7pm
FRI : 8am – 7pm